Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vegas Baby!

So it's been a crazy past week or so. My birthday was on the 8th. To celebrate Joel and I hauled off to Vegas. I have the BEST husband ever. He knows me too well. Back in March he booked rooms for us at the Bellagio. I never would have done this for myself. Too impractical. Too much money. Well that was then. After this last weekend, I am not sure I can do Vegas the old way (cheap rooms, food, etc.) This was by far the best Vegas trip ever. We had a full view of the watershow and sat at our hotel window for hours on end just watching the water dance and listening to the coordinating music via the TV. So mesmerizing! I will share more pictures later, but for now I will leave you with these.

At the Bellagio pool. Did I mention best-husband-ever also rented us a cabana!
The view from our room during the day.
The view from our room during the night.

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