Sunday, July 5, 2009

How much do I love my 3 year old?!

Hannah so very much wants to be a big girl these days, as would any three year old going on 22. One of the ways she likes to express this is to beg us to let her take pictures with the camera. Not an easy thing for me to let her do I must say, given we have a rather large Canon Digital SLR camera. But a few months back, I let go (after wrapping the strap once around her upper arm before putting the remainder of the strap around her neck) and let her explore the world of photography. Needless to say, any time we're out with the camera, she wants to indulge herself. Last night at the park, awaiting the fireworks show, was no exception. Actually I prompted this photoshoot by asking her if she wanted to take pictures. You see, I am too much of a worry wart to just hand this camera off to a stranger and ask them to take a picture. Something I MUST get over, but probably won't. I use all sorts of creative excuses not to do it. Our camera is too fancy. They won't know how to use it. Or someone could take off with it. But what it really boils down to is I am just too much of a wuss to ask. Anyways, Hannah happily accepted the task of photographer and caught this cute photo of me and Joel. There's not enough of these photos in our collection and I am not only happy to have this one but proud to say my three year old daughter took it. Way to go Hannah!!!

Here are some others from our wonderful 4th of July. Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out of juice prior to the fireworks show so I didn't get to experiment with taking pictures of the actual fireworks display.

Walking off into the sunset with her hairbrush.

Hurray! Daddy has glow sticks!

The Nash and Fitkowski girls.

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