Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, here we are winding down for the day but I wanted to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. It's not an easy job we have. It's not one we would trade or one we would let someone else do, but so much of the time, we're running here and there, constantly tending to the most mundane and redundant of needs. Not the most glamorous job by any means. But days like this that not only celebrate the hard work we do or have done, but also give us cause to reflect on those beloved children of ours, make it so much more than worth it.

My husband scored major brownie points today. Not that he needed any. But he woke up early and took the 3 1/2 year old to the store this morning. He returned with breakfast makings for strawberry waffles as well as 3 gorgeous and much needed plants for the house. I also received 3 cards. One from Hannah. One from Makaela. And one from the best husband ever himself. He took the time to write Makaela's card from her perspective which was adorable. Things like how she says thank you ("dee doo") and about she loves me but now she wants her milk. You'd have to read it to get it. And he clearly asked Hannah things. Like what makes me a good mommy. Her response was that I love her and lay in bed with her. :) And then his card praised me for doing a good job as a mother but also as a wife and friend. So huge thank yous to him.

Below are some pictures of cards I made from a paperline called LoveBirds by S.E.I. for all the wonderful mothers in my life. And some cards that Hannah made for her grandmas (the last 3). Take a look at hers and tell me if you can't find some inspiration in there. The only things I helped her with was putting glue on the backs of the paper pieces, not allowing her to put a sticker on top of a sticker, and advising that pink stickers might not look the best on top of the same color pink paper. Yes, I am teaching her about contrast and making something pop already.


{Hannah's Creation}

{Hannah's Creation}

{Hannah's Creation}

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tammy inman said...

Super cute cards... love them! :)