Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Year Old + Photoshoot = Frustration

Yesterday we set out to take some family pictures. I recently was inspired to learn a little more about my camera and wanted to take advantage of my new found tips (overexposing photos is a good thing - thank you Susie). And darnit if I didn't get those settings right. I am so happy with the way my photos came out. Probably couldn't repeat this success if you paid me money.

Anyways, the camera settings were right, but little Hannah's were not. Energy level = way too high. Silliness = at the ultimate extreme. Attention span = painfully low. Smiling function = can we say Chandler from Friends? Looking at all of the pictures now, I crack up. She's truly a goofball at this age and I have to accept the fact that I probably will not get one GREAT family shot for quite a few years. Even if she straightens out, her little sister, I am sure, will follow suit.

The Chandler Smile

Why would she possibly sit down for a picture with Daddy?

She'll dance for the camera though.

What a cute butt!

The dramatic sit down.

One can see how painful it is to be photographed.

C'mon!!!! Work with me Hannah!

Goofball!!! At least Makaela is entertained.

But then every so often, if you're really really lucky, you get a shot like this one. Notice the shoe on the wrong foot? That cracks me up! They were on the correct feet when we left the house I promise.

Fortunately, this one is all to happy to be the focus of the camera.

Another pic that makes me chuckle. Can you see Makaela's face?

We did snap a few good ones of all of us. I will be scrapbooking those ones. So look for them when I get around to posting layouts.

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Cindy F said...

This is terrific. Love all the photos, the captions, the story behind the shoot. Sure enjoy your blog!