Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter was great! Hannah is really at an age where she gets it. I am proud to say that we made it to church. A 2 1/2 year old still provides too easy of an excuse not to make it a weekly tradition. But she did really well. She made it 40 minutes into the service before Joel had to remove her. Sadly he missed communion but he'll live. I trust God will forgive him, being that he was out with Hannah keeping her from disturbing all the others trying to hear His message.

She loved her Easter basket which thrilled me since I was the personal shopper for it.

After church, she got to do her egg hunt. It was too cute. She was so excited to find more and more eggs (hidden by daddy), but was very much OK with us hinting to where she was supposed to look. Maybe next year she'll be a better hunter instead of just the gatherer.

Then she and Daddy took naps (why I didn't, who knows). Then it was off to my dad's house for the family get together. It was great to see everyone. Best of all was seeing my cousin Clay who sadly almost 3 years ago was diagnosed with a very rare brain cancer. His struggle has been a tough road for him, his wife, 2 kids, his mom, and my cousin. But he has perservered and looks amazing. It's hard to believe that the stories I heard about him not being able to feed himself, talk, move, etc are real, considering he spoke beautifully, gave me a really strong pre-cancer-like hug and was actively participating in many conversations. He's a walking miracle and proof that prayer works.

Hannah enjoyed playing with Savannah. They're only 3 months apart and it was great watching them interact. Since Hannah doesn't have siblings (yet ... only 7 weeks and counting), she's not terribly used to really playing WITH someone else.

It was a wonderful day!

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